Locations: Martensville, Saskatchewan & Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Phone: Martensville, Sask 1-306-270-4178 Email:
Phone: Saskatoon, Sask (City Park Area) 1-306-321-7509 Email:
Phone: Saskatoon, Sask (Montgomery Place Area) 1-306-222-7678 Email:


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello! I’m wondering if you are accepting clients in Martensville. We have a 7 year old dealing with some big emotions since COVID hit and we need to get him some help. My husband will be home tomorrow (306-220-1933) or you can contact myself via email anytime. Thank you!


  2. Hello, I’m currently searching for a registered counsellor preference in the Martensville area.
    I have a been seeing a wonderful counsellor in warman but unfortunately our benefit plan won’t cover her. And the bills are adding up.
    I would like to talk with someone about my marriage. I should mention my husband has progressive ms. Which has taken a toll on our relationship.
    If you have a professional counsellor who would like to see me that would be wonderful. Thank you!


    1. Good Afternoon Aimee! The Martensville office is currently full! I would like to highly recommend our counsellor in Montgomery Place area as she is very experienced and also offers evening and weekend appts. You can reach Teresa at +1 (306) 222-7678. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      S Wendy Kritzer BSW MSW SEP RSW
      The Counselling Corner Ltd
      Martensville, Sask Office


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