The Counselling Corner – Martensville, Saskatchewan
Child, Youth, Adult, Couple, & Family Counselling 

Submitted by Wendy Kritzer BSW MSW RSW

Welcome to The Counselling Corner’s first of many chats.  First, I would like to share some information about who I am.  I grew up in small-town Manitoba with my parents and three brothers.  As the only girl, I was a natural born helper.  It became my life’s dream to be in a position that helped others for a career.  This dream first found me on a path as a nurse working with seniors in palliative care.  I then moved to my rewarding role as a stay at home mom with my two beautiful children.  Eventually, my journeys led me to Martensville, where I raised my son and daughter as a single parent.  As my children grew older, I made the decision to attend University and achieve my Social Work graduate degree.  This is when my true dream began to unfold. In my role as a counsellor, I am able to work with individuals that truly want to make changes in their lives.  I am passionate about my role in supporting others in need and will continue to expand my education and knowledge so that I can support people who I work with.  I have been in a counselling role since 2009 and have experience helping children, youth, adults, couples, and families.  My counselling practice is located in a private office, within my home, for the client’s privacy and confidentiality.  I have flexible hours during the day, evenings, and weekends and welcome new clients.

I thought we would start this first chat by discussing the various reasons for seeking counselling services for yourself or a family member.  There is a multitude of reasons an individual might seek out counselling services.  As a counsellor, I can help with many types of issues: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship concerns, self-esteem struggles, body image struggles, and grief and loss.  As well, there is anger management, child behavioral, co-dependence therapy, bullying, self-injury/suicidal ideations, phobias, work related difficulties, sexual abuse, divorce and separation and uncertainties related to sexuality. These are just some of the reasons that lead individuals and families to seek out counselling.  Listing the potential benefits of counselling is a little like trying to list the ways a physician can help a patient because, of course, that varies for each individual or family situation.  Please join me in future editions as we explore some specific issues of concerns.

If you have topics that you would like discussed, please feel free to email

Until next time –

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